Development program

1990—2001 year

Redesrach and development of SOFC materials and technologies.

Establishment of facility for laboratory studies of SOFC.

Creaction of prototype facility for solid electrolytem production at "PO ChMZ", Glazov.

2001—2006 year

Development and testing of 1.5 kW demo SOFC-based powr plant.

Development of 0.5 kW prototype SOFC stack.

Development of prototype production technology of SOFC without precious metals.

2006—2009 year

Creation of the site for SOFC prototype production.

Creation of infrastructure for prototype production of SOFC-based power plants.

Development of prototype power plant for cathodic protection stations.

2009—2013 year

ĞDevelopment of industrial prototype of standalone power plant and its trial operation at Gazprom facilities. 

Gearing up to serial production.

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